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Ecommerce Gateway believes that the following strengths contribute to its unprecedented success and well place it to organize events and activities in the most smooth and befitting manner.

  Ecommerce Gateway has the largest direct skilled workforce owned by an event management
   company in Pakistan.
  Ecommerce Gateway has its offices in all the major cities of Pakistan for direct market reach.
  Ecommerce Gateway has strong networking and relationships with the government to access
   the required services for making any event a success.
  Ecommerce Gateway has strong back-end integration with the vendor industry, which helps it
   deliver low cost solutions within the shortest available time.
  Ecommerce Gateway has systematic and proven approach to extend invitation to the relevant
   eventspecific visitors.
  Ecommerce Gateway has state-of-the-art backend hardware and software resources,
    customized for event management.

Jamal's Yellow Pages of Pakistan

Perhaps the biggest strength that sets Ecommerce Gateway ahead of other Event Management Companies for event management and BTL services is the most authenticated and extensive database of Pakistani businesses in the form of Jamal's Yellow Pages of Pakistan business directories being published since 1984.

This data, classified in over 2,200 classifications of Products & Services, is used to target user-specific customers for any marketing campaign and helps Ecommerce Gateway deliver desired values to its customers.

Brand of the Year 2008 & 2009 Award to Jamal's Yellow Pages

The Jamal's Yellow Pages of Pakistan business directory was awarded "Brand of the Year 2008 & 2009" award in the category of Yellow Pages. The award is internationally recognized and endorsed by Brands Bureau.

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